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Security Lab LLC and Security Vision are starting to implement joint projects in the Republic of Belarus

Security Lab LLC has extensive expertise in the design, creation, integration and certification of information security systems. In the Republic of Belarus, Security Lab engineers, together with Security Vision specialists, plan to implement projects to deploy, configure and administer products on the Security Vision platform - SOAR, SGRC, TIP and others.

Our team has already undergone full training in working with these products. Expert knowledge and skills, combined with a deep understanding of the specifics of business processes of Belarusian companies that distinguish Security Lab, will allow us to provide services for the implementation of Security Vision products at the highest level and cover the vast majority of the needs of organizations of the Republic of Belarus in the field of information security.

The Security Vision platform is certified by the Operational Analytical Center under the President of the Republic of Belarus (certificate BY/112 02.02. TR027 036.01 00492 dated 05.08.2022). The OAC certificate will make the Security Vision platform and products based on it available for implementation not only in commercial companies, but also in government agencies of the Republic of Belarus.

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